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Our site currently gets visited by over 50,000 paint enthusiasts and DIY painters every month, with around 80% of them coming from the US, 8% from Canada and the rest from all across the globe.

Here at PS, we mainly publish detailed, actionable guides on DIY home and automotive painting. Apart from these, we publish cost estimates for various home, furniture and automotive paint jobs, based on thorough market research.

Our goal is to share our collective expertise with our readers, so that you can get the best results in your own paint projects.

Here’s a glimpse at our (growing) editorial team.

Meet Our Team

Our team comprises of experienced professional, DIY painters and homeowners from across the United States.

Pat Freling

Professional Painter

Pat has been a professional painter since 2010.

So, you can rest assured that the DIY painting tips he shares here are based on first-hand experience.

Pat has a knack for efficiency and hates wasting money. This is reflected in his style of working. He spends a considerable amount of time researching his options before actually starting with a paint job.

As a result, you can trust that the processes, materials and gear shared for various paint jobs here are the best possible options (barring a few unavoidable small errors in human judgement).

Elissa Huebert

DIY Painter & Homeowner

Elissa has been a homeowner since the early 2000’s. Since then, she’s been involved with repainting her house thrice and uncountable touch-ups. She claims to have painted every single paintable surface inside her house at least twice!

She’s also experienced with DIY auto body paint damage repair. Taking care of small chips and dents is no big deal for her! She even vinyl wrapped her Mercedes once.

Apart from her interest in painting & DIY, she’s an avid writer and marathon runner. Her prolonged painting experience and diverse interests make her a valuable contributor to the Paint Strategies team.

Editorial Policy

We follow a strict 'preach only what you practice' editorial policy. In other words, we only suggest painting methods and tools based on our own personal experience. We don't recommend random brands of paint or equipment that we've never laid our hands on.

Being professional painters, members of our team has access to the latest paints, gear and technology in the world of home and automotive painting. This allows us to cover them without resorting to 'free' samples of products obtained form brands, and in turn, publish honest feedback based on real-world testing.