Kelly Moore vs Sherwin Williams & Behr – How Do They Compare?

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Kelly Moore paint is beloved among professional painters and do-it-yourselfers alike. Best known as the painter’s paint store, Kelly Moore promises to provide the highest quality product with the most advanced technology. See how do Kelly Moore paints stand against the likes of Sherwin Williams and Behr?

Kelly Moore paints are known for their quality and long-lasting look, carrying all of the key product lines. In general, all paint brands carry a low-grade, mid-grade, and high-end or premium line. When considering the right brand for your project, it is important to look at how their top-performing paints compare in application and durability.

Kelly Moore vs Behr

Behr Application and Coverage

Behr Marquee is recognized as the best budget line for interiors. The brand promises one-coat coverage, high durability, and anti-staining technology. Customers who used Behr found that more layers are necessary on their walls. Sometimes, 2 or 3 coats, even though the product is advertised as a “one-coat” paint.

Many customers have found that Behr’s two-in-one paint and primer products actually perform better with the use of an additional priming layer first. Behr paint is slightly runny, making application difficult, especially if you are not a skilled painter.

Kelly Moore Application and Coverage

Kelly Moore compared to Behr, offers a stronger overall product. The leading paint from Kelly Moore, DuraPoxy, is the market equivalent of the Behr Marquee. DuraPoxy offers better coverage with fewer coats.

DuraPoxy from Kelly Moore offers an application that can be easily applied with a brush or roller, great for new do-it-yourselfers. The formula is durable, long-lasting, and can handle washings. Customers who have used both paints found that coverage is more consistent and smooth with Kelly Moore.

Final Results

Kelly Moore’s formulation on drywall and spackle patches looks smooth, making it a true paint-and-primer product, unlike Behr Marquee. With Behr, surface blemishes are more noticeable.

The promises of durability and anti-stain technology from Behr hold true, customers find the product to be long-lasting. Most do-it-yourselfers are satisfied with the final outcome and long-lasting results from Behr. The chief complaints stem from the application and the quantity needed to complete a project.

Kelly Moore vs Sherwin Williams

Brand Accessibility

Both Kelly Moore and Sherwin Williams fall under the category of “boutique paints.” In terms of reach, Sherwin Williams is more widely available across North America. Kelly Moore is a regional boutique store servicing nine states in the southwestern United States.

Not all customers will have Kelly Moore available in their region, and thus can’t realistically consider the brand for their projects. The locals, however, professional and amateur painters alike, swear by their paints. Kelly Moore has a stronghold in these regions, this has much to do with the long-lasting quality and durability.

Formula Similarities

A top-performing interior product from Sherwin Williams is the Emerald line. This is a strong acrylic paint option for use in high-traffic spaces. The market equivalent for this paint is the Kelly Moore DuraPoxy line.

Both of these paints:

  • Have a similar application and coverage
  • Requires 1-2 layers on average.
  • Good consistency for brush and rolling techniques.
  • Ideal for any paint skill level.
  • Have anti-mold and mildew technology.
  • Top of the line anti-stain protection.
  • Can be washed.

Formula Differences

The Emerald line offers the best protection from stains and streaking. The formula, however, was found to leave a strong odor that lasts. Customers found it was best to add an anti-odor primer as a base to improve this issue.

An extra primer step is unfortunate, as the formula is marketed as a two-in-one, paint-and primer. Extra steps to get the best performance is not ideal, so it is best to opt for the Kelly Moore DuraPoxy paints, as they offer similar technologies and have been found to have a longer-lasting finish, plus the added benefit of no odor.

In Closing

Behr is a strong budget option, as the final finished look is great, despite requiring extra layers. Then there is Sherwin Williams, they are reliable with impressive paint quality and formulation.

The preferred option, if you are lucky enough to live near a store, is Kelly Moore. Based on paint application and quality alone, this makes them a trusted go-to paint brand for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers.

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